Friday, October 1, 2010

Dreams and Live - Simple -- Part 1

"People like to dream of escapes they won't ever live" - KK

We all have dreams and most of us have dreams of doing something spectacular with our lives away from the normal everyday existence.

Here's a tip --the whole purpose behind simplifying your life is so you can live your dream... you have to arrange your life and clear out its clutter, so that your dream can have room to live and grow.

Do you know what your dream is? What would you love to do with your life if you had the time and resources? Travel? Volunteer work? A craft or hobby? Become a Movie star? Play Professional sports? Be a Musician? Do you secretly want to be with someone? etc.etc...

Problem is most people do not know what their dream is and when I say dream what I am referring to, is your heart's desire--what you truly want to do in the short time frame we are allowed here on Earth. So, first step is to discover and find your TRUE dream/heart's desire.

One way is to asked yourself what you would honestly and truly do in the case of certain supposed happenings;

Like what would you truthfully do with your life if by chance, you won $3 million dollars? or $500 a week for the rest of your life? How about if you woke one morning and had a disability that prevented you from walking? What if you actually only had ten months to live? Or if you had a the chance to get a masters degree, would you do it? and what would you get it in? etc.etc...

By answering these questions you should see a pattern/ outline of what your true hidden motivation in life is. You have to dig deep though to do so and possibly end up asking yourself other deeper sub-questions.

Another way I have found is to take a long, hard look back in your life and remember all the things you have done (work, fun, friends, school,lifestyle,etc.) and see if you can spot a pattern in some area that you always seemed to return to again and again.

Another process is to look at your priorities; an example would you be like, are you willing to skimp, save and struggle with very little money or material things to pursue a dream? Or would you rather just work in a dead - end job that means nothing to you in order to have all kinds of material and pleasureful comforts? Do you let others influence your thoughts and actions everyday? Can you or are you willing to put partner and/or children aside for the moment in order to pursue your dream? Would you change your career/job if that new career/job had to with part of your hearts desire?

The answers to these questions should reveal more about what you want to do or are best suited for. Your answer also should tell you if you are willing to sacrifice? or how you are willing to live in order to follow your dream?

Part 2 coming Sunday

In the mean time enjoy this;


2 lb. pkg. frozen hash brown potatoes (partially thawed) or fresh
2 (10 oz.) cans cheddar cheese soup
1 (13 oz.) can evaporated milk
1 can French fried onion rings, divided
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine potatoes, soup, milk, and half the can of onion rings; pour
into greased slow cooker/Crock Pot and add salt and pepper.

Cover and cook on low for 8 to 9 hours or high for 4 hours. Sprinkle the rest
of the onion rings of top before serving.

Take care and Live - Simple!


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