Knobby's Acres beliefs and operation statement

We believe that:

Homesteading / Farming is a noble way of life.

That the farm / homesteading home is a most suitable place to rear a family.

That the good earth is the greatest material gift from the Creator to mankind.


We will strive always to appreciate and hold fast to the spiritual values of our way of life and to prevent the materialism of this age from blinding us to them.

By praying, working, learning, and playing together we will strengthen our faith in our Creator and our mutual love and unity; we will fulfill our obligation to be good neighbors, faithful parishioners, loyal and active citizens.

We will regard our land / all land as the Creators land and that as stewards of that land, we will conserve and improve it so that it will increasingly continue to give glory to our Creator now and in the future.

WE PRAY that:  Through God's grace we may have wisdom,strength and patience to grow constantly in the positive virtues necessary for holy rural living.

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