Friday, July 20, 2012

Fall veggie harvest needs planning and planting now...

Yes I know it's 100+ degrees and bone dry in parts of the country but alas this too shall pass eventually, hopefully...  Never the less if you want a fall / winter garden you have to plan now.

Some of the veggies, etc. that can be planted for another round of harvesting are;

Potatoes - Beans - Broccoli - Cauliflower - Cabbage - Carrots - Garlic - Onions (not sets) - Peas - Parsley - Lettuce - Radishes - Spinach

If you have some seed potatoes left over, think about planting then now and there should be just enough time to have some new ones come fall. If not, then they'll be set to give you some come first part of next year....

Between now and till around the first week, week in a half of September you can plant small areas of them beans and you should, if the cold doesn't set too early, have some nice fresh fall beans.

Some other tips to help with your planting of fall crops;

Try to stay away from areas that are prone to frost early, like low lying areas, shaded areas, etc. An area where the sun shines in the winter is your friend for fall crops...

Also no matter what you decide to plant make sure they are fall and winter hardy varieties. EX: lettuce, like Winter Density, does better in winter then others.

Timing is very important, remember fall growing period is short, cooler and in most parts of Northern Earth less sunshine, so allow extra days for veggies, etc. to mature.

A couple of things you can do is; 

#1 - determine your frost date for your particular growing area.

#2 - Look on back of your seed packets and find days of maturity and add 10 to 15 days to that.

 #3 - Figure back from your frost date to get to the date you'll need to start planting said seeds.

EX: your frost date for your area is October 10th, the veggie you want to plant takes 60 days to mature plus the added 10 to 15 days for fall plantings. So you are going to need around 70 to 75 days before frost hits. Which means you'll need to plant that certain veggie by July 26th to July 31st...

Here are some sites to help you figure your frost date in US, Canada & rest of world - 




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