Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clutter and De-cluttering – Part 4

OK, you have started, you have de-cluttered, you have cleaned/painted, you have donated/garage sale/etc. what you wanted. Your house should now be in decent livable condition, now what?

Now comes the hard part, keeping it un-cluttered. A lot of times people who de-clutter have moments of panic, because they have had all this stuff around them and now they wake up and ‘their stuff is gone’ that is when lots of people start the Re-cluttering stage.

You have to get past that, you have to constantly keep thinking to yourself, “this is a new beginning” for yourself and family. Move past the past and move on with the new, don’t re-fill…

One method is trying the “new in – old out” approach, whenever you acquire a new item, an old one has to go. This allows you to focus on quality upgrading rather than accumulating tons of mediocre dollar stuff.

Also don’t expect things to go smoothly, I have de-cluttered dozens of times, only for the fact that as mine and the family interests, needs and lifes have changed, so has what items are clutter. It happens - families grow, lose, changed, move, etc.,etc… and that’s alright.

Eventually you will begin to see how wonderful things are after de-cluttering and to appreciate how much easier life is when you have less stuff.

You spend less time and effort on maintenance. You spend less time and effort moving, trying to find bills, or the chess set, etc.

You spend less time and effort organizing your stuff and cleaning.

What you’re left with is more time and energy and financial resources to actually enjoy life. It’s much easier now to find an hour to practice that hobby skill, or other more enjoyable activities if you’re not spending all your time cleaning and putting things away and finding room for just one more thing in that closet.

It’s much easier to save for the future if you're not in a non-stop race to see who has the most stuff. Live –Simple and life will be simple…

Now that you have time on your hands, you might want to try this great dish:

Baked Spinach -

1/2 cup butter
8 oz cream cheese
2 pkg frozen spinach or the equivalent of that with fresh
1 pkg Lipton onion soup mix


Melt butter in a large frying pan. Add the spinach. Break up
and stir. Add cream cheese and onion soup mix. Stir well. Place in
casserole dish and bake at 300°F for 45 minutes.

Be seeing you, Knobby...

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