Friday, April 16, 2010

Fridays at Pinnebog General Store


Pinnebog General Store

I changed the title from last week because I going a little different route as to making the post more real conversation like, instead of just posting tips and whatever. let me know what way you like... Thanks.

Dianne was telling Gladys how to save brown bananas, seems like when your bananas go brown, put them skin and all in the freezer. When ready to cook: defrost, pop out of skin and mash.

Joe says he keeps a empty tissue box in the garage that he put things to tie up garden things (tomatoes, roses, etc..), bits of string, twine, yard, whatever, also keep scissors in/by the box so you can cut the length you need.

Got a skin rash or eczema, Uncle Al says best treatment is chickweed. Make it into a 'tea' and use it as a wash...

Then we have Jeb, who came up with this one: He uses Elmer's wood glue for removing small hard to see wood slivers. Put the glue on, let it dry and pull off. The sliver comes out stuck to the glue.

'Course he also uses Elmers kids/white glue to heal burns too. Says he first runs the burn under cold water for 5 minutes than goops the glue on it and than a few minutes later puts ice in a zip lock bag and puts that on it. Who would have thought... He swears he never gets a blister. LOL

Some how or 'other conversation got starting about 'what would you use when there's no more Toilet Paper left in the world?' You know how some of them doom & gloom people are, or maybe I should check the store bathroom...

Anyhow, the suggestions were flying out left & right - a couple people said to use cloth wipes made out of t-shirts, course then Pete jump in and said he been using a smooth flat blade with a slight curve type stick like they do in Japan for years. That explains alot now about Pete. Than came the usual answers like dollar bills, pine cones, corn cobs, telephone books, leaves, moss, rocks, snow, etc.

Jeb was still in the store and he shouted out "I'll just drag my backside across the grass like a dog" I barked back 'not on my grass you won't'

Miss Susie said she would use her Water pic. After that the conversation just kinda moved to an end, as Miss Susie has been known to kiss a few of the fellas from time to time...

Linda stopped by and dropped off some of her 'beer jelly' which I will post the how to's to making it on Sunday...

New fella was looking for toothpaste, says it works real well polishing up his dull plastic lenses in his glasses... Seemed like they were awful shiny glasses he was wearing. He grapped some dental floss too, told me works great as a suture material for emergency surgery on farm citters.

Dave came in and bought some turpentine, told Jeb it was very good to use as a "cutting oil" when drilling steel. Course that got Jeb started on how he uses WD40 from time to time for shoulder and elbow pain. Just spray it on and rub it in and it helps the pain a lot, says Jeb...

Finally Deb the electrician came up with this suggestion: if you have nuts and bolts seized by rust and do not have WD-40 or lock-ezz at hand, pour Coca-Cola on the bolts and nuts, let sit a few minutes, repeat, then tap on wrench handle with a hammer to free the nut... I have always use Coca-Cola for cleaning my car battery post off also..

Well I guess that's about it for today, you take care.

Be seeing you soon, Knobby

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